Trust me, everything’s gonna be fine!

As Ernest Hemingway, would like to say…

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Marketing Giant Edelman’s Trust Barometer Test 2014 in Asia has brought out that Listening to Customer’s needs and feedback is the most important driver in five prominent Asian regions and even for companies which are now digitally savvy. It suggests the present scenario needs to move beyond promotional online marketing to establishing channels that will build deeper and lasting customer relationship.

The complex world of the web and its paradoxical characteristics across different market regions especially India presents a demanding challenge for business leaders. In an environment where stakeholders expect more from companies beyond the fundamental provision of product and services, the characteristics of engagement, integrity and above all TRUST is most critical. And that blueprint needs to be paid more attention than to rely on Western devised approach or Single regional strategy.

Welcome to the era when communication is the most essential entity which would drive your business.

So how many times you have landed up with that “Holy Sh**” when a negative feedback shows up on your company’s Social Media. You definitely know it will be a long day at work and the cookie is not gonna crunch well.

A study by NM Incite (Believe me, they are too good in their stuff!) found that younger people are more apt to complain online and through multiple channels. It also discovered that there is a little difference in the expectations of social customer service based on age. For instance, the study found that 60% of 18-24-year-olds voice their complaints on Facebook and 42% post their comments on Twitter. In addition, this age group expects businesses to respond to their complaints within 12 hours. Negativity can spread like wildfire. Every Share & RT has the potential to eat up your reputation and activate CODE RED in your Board Room. (Btw, have you wondered how that BIG table came inside the boardroom through that small door!! Hmm never mind)

An easy way to battle this out and put off the fire is the Philosophy of TRUST & eagerness to win an irate customer with your genuineness and integrity. Few suggested steps are:

a) Fix a dedicated Response time and try to stick to it. This is the generation of speed & it plays a big role in Customer Satisfaction.
b) You don’t resolve complaints by talking to a company but a person, therefore while resolving the issue try to be as human as possible (some would still love SIRI though).
c) A step by step process for resolving problems is more than welcome. It also helps in keeping the troubleshooting mechanisms well oiled & greased.
d) Don’t Feed the Trolls & if you still have that desire read what Mr. GB Shaw wrote about Mr. Piggy.

The Conclusion is you need to proactively set up a social customer response team in order to maintain a positive brand image online and never confuse your personal social media account with company account else I guess we all remember how Chrysler dropped the F-Bomb on twitter from their official account and rest is history.

Remember, what Peter Pan said, “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

And, as I always tell to my girl “Trust me, everything’s gonna be fine.”