Have a brand? We will let others know what it stands for!

We are not just the marketing guys. Our job is to figure out the ‘next.’

We go an extra mile to help you identify your best followers—potential customers and returning buyers. Understand their needs to formulate a tailored strategy for your business and implement the most effective marketing methods.

Our engagement with varied industries has inspired us to come up with an innovative mix of online and offline marketing strategies to help you find a robust and receptive market for your brand. We love challenges, we move fast, and take risks. Challenges inspire us and goals drive us to achieve more. We focus on doing it right, unafraid to go against the grain.

We are completely smitten by the way the Internet keeps transforming business marketing. We have spent years perfecting the process of putting the web at the heart of your marketing strategy. It’s an exciting build up when businesses come to us with the hope of taming the shifting markets, and we cut out the perfect plan to convert them into brands.

It Stands for Branding! A creative agency that creates brand recall for your business.

We offer a mixed platter of web analytics and offline engagement solutions— our integrated marketing and branding services are designed to hit the bull’s eye.

Our Approach

We can’t do it alone.
When we hit off, you get an extension of your business.
We work closely with you to formulate a suite of services unique to your business,
from ground up.

Our Mission


Strategized solutions
Measurable Results

Active participation

Reasonable rates

Timely response


Our Goal

Have a story? We have just the right strategy-to-market!

Every business is unique. Every opportunity rare. Every challenge special.

If you believe in your story, we have just the right marketing strategy to help you reach out to the world. We understand that no one knows better about your business than you and therefore, our job is just to help you navigate your course by helping you choose the right marketing goals for your business and achieve them.

Our Process

A step-by-step approach that covers everything from the time we sign a contract to the time of final delivery is essential to assure quality, clarity, and timeliness. We love it when everyone is on the same page and have a well thought-out process in place.

1. Project On-boarding

Quality communication is just the beginning. Our project on-boarding process is a pivotal part of any project lifecycle. Starting from determining your target audience to researching competitors and aligning ourselves with your visual preferences, we work closely with you to clearly define the objectives, desired budget, and time-frame.

2. Ideation

Our marketing strategy is tailored to your business goals. We decide on the marketing channels based on your target audience and competitors. We emphasize on each of the platforms— both offline and online. Once the marketing strategy is in place, we create a roadmap and marketing calendar to decide upon a suitable timeline and measure RoI.

3. Marketing Roadmap

Our marketing strategy is tailored to your business goals. We decide on the marketing channels based on your target audience and competitors. We emphasize on each of the platforms— both offline and online. Once the marketing strategy is in place, we create a roadmap and marketing calendar to decide upon a suitable timeline and measure ROI.

4. Design & Development

We understand the importance of brand identity and everything we design is aligned to what it stands for. Design and development play a crucial role in shaping your brand position. Consistency across all styles and platforms is the key to getting you the perfect recipe for brand recognition. Our goal is to make sure that our communication represents your brand, perfectly!

5. Revisions

We take a collaborative approach and encourage revisions. We understand that you know your brand the best and we value your feedback. We provide up to 3 revisions for each artwork and creatively incorporate the changes you suggest to provide you the final creatives. Upon approval, we launch the final designs across all platforms, along with our marketing campaign.

Our Services

If keeping up with the competition were easy, many would do it well.

Your business needs to have a differentiating position from your competitors and our job is to create that for you. We focus on understanding how customers make decisions and build strategies to impact the process.

Brand Positioning

Our job is to discover the ‘unique’ in your brand and focus on a message to define your identity in the market. While others just start, we take the time to build a plan around your core competency, incorporating the new media into our marketing efforts. And that’s how we tell your story.

Brand Design

Your brand is the most valuable asset of your Company, and we help you strengthen it by using a comprehensive and strategic approach. We offer the following services:
1. Brand Audit
2. Brand Messaging
3. Brand Identity
4. Design Collateral
5. Brand Graphics

Integrated Marketing Solutions

We dish up our unique mix of marketing solutions, tailored to your business needs. We are structured to provide a varied range of services that includes advertising,PR,offline marketing,online marketing,media placement,interactive marketing and more.

Distinctive Advertising Services

We use multiple advertising platforms based on your requirement to market your brand. We assist you in product launch, start-up launch, building corporate image, and behavioral campaigns. We offer:

1. Online and Offline ad campaigns— concept, design, manage.
2. Email ad campaigns— concept, design, manage.
3. Media Planning and Buying— plan and manage.
4. Trade Show Support— concept, design, manage.

Web Solutions

You usually have 3 seconds to get the attention of your customer. But unless you have a compelling web presence, it’s tough to do that! Our web solutions help you interact, engage, and impress. We offer:

1. Websites
2. Banners
3. Slideshows
4. Videos
5. Applications

Business and Market Analysis

Consider half of the job done if you have a clear understanding of the industry. We help you in analyzing your competitors and research trends. We use internal (your company) and external data to create comprehensive visualizations with the help of tools to offer you a clear understanding of the industry landscape. We offer:

1. Market Report
2. Competitor Report
3. Sales Report
4. Annual Report

Our Work

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